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Autor Thema: AI Dungeon  (Gelesen 5422 mal)


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 12:02:25
AI Dungeon
« am: 17. Juli 2020, 12:02:25 »


Ich habe heute mal AI-Dungeon (Link) ausprobiert, ein von künstlicher Intelligenz angebtriebenes Text-Adventure. Ich habe das Genre Cyberpunk ausgewählt und nachdem ich festgelegt habe, dass mein Charakter ein Punk namens Towari ist, habe ich folgendes Abenteuer erlebt:


You are Towari, a punk living in the the futuristic city of Zail. You have a bag of drugs and a holoband. You wake up in a dark alley with bruises all over your body. You have no idea what happened. You stand up and see a guard patrol car passing by. He sees you and the lights start flashing.
You go into a nearby ally and hold your hands up to show you don't have a weapon.

> You throw the drugs into a trashbin.
You see a trash bin, so you throw the drugs into it.
Your choice:

You sit down on a park bench to think.
Suddenly, a strange man with a metal leg appears.

> You how does the man look like?
The man looks like a cyborg, he has metal in his face so he looks scary.

> You turn away from him and read the holoband.
You look at the holoband and see a man wearing a helmet looking out at you. He has cool-looking cybernetic implants.
You push the button to listen to his message.

> You what is the message?
The man says, "Listen up, you escaped slave. I am a representative of the Uwais family, owners of the drug factory you escaped from. I am here to help you commit suicide."

> You why the f should you do that?

> You run away from that freak!
You try to run away, but you can't move. The man runs up to you and tries to grab your hand. He attaches a small chip to it.
You scream as you feel yourself becoming paralyzed.

> You spit in that bstards face!
Your anger towards the man spits in his face, but he just smiles. He wipes the spit off his face and leaves.
You look at your hand; the chip has activated a drug that has paralyzed you.

> You try to move.
You scream in pain as you feel yourself begin to heal. It feels like your body is being stretched, but not enough to kill you.

> You scream for help.
Your screams go unanswered, as everyone in the park has just been doing their own thing.
You sit on the bench and have a mental breakdown.

> You curl up.
You curl up and pretend that nothing is wrong. You pretend that you are playing on the holoband, but it isn't yours. You are so happy, and then it isn't. You forget to think.

> You try to get up.
You scream in pain as you feel your muscles heal. It hurts like hell, but eventually you get up. You notice your hands aren't very friendly anymore.

> You stare angrily at your hands as you leave the park.
You walk home and begin to think about everything. You remember a mental breakdown, but you can't remember what it was that made you go crazy.

> You on the way home you pick up the drugs you put in the trashbin.
You put the drugs in your pocket and continue home.

> You what does your home look like?
Your home looks like a home.
You walk through the front door.

> You pet your dog.
Your dog is very friendly. It wags it's tail and lets you pet it. You pet the dog a lot.
You eat dinner.
There is nothing in the news today.

> You call your friends and ask questions about the Uwais family.
You call your friends to see what they think of the Uwais family.
A friend says, "The Uwais family are masters. They own the city and the holoband is controlled by them."

> You do you still have the holoband?
You put the holoband in your pocket and continue calling your friends.
A second friend says, "I think you should take the drugs from your pocket and swallow them."

> You who are you to argue with that?
You put the drugs in your mouth and swallow them. You feel a little better.
A third friend says, "The city is controlled by a family called the Uwais. I think you should go there now."

> You are your friends controlled by the Uwais, too?
You continue arguing with your friend.

> You call them cnts.
You say, "I am not a bunch of cnts."
A fourth friend says, "The news is full of people talking like that. I think it's cool.

> You grab a crowbar and a molotov cocktail. Time to pay those Uwais a visit.
You walk to your room and get the weapons. You grab the weapon you like to use most, a crowbar. You grab a Molotov cocktail to take along just in case.

> You where do the Uawis live?
They live on the third floor of a building on the edge of the slums.
You walk there and keep your weapons close to you.

> You search for a good spot to observe the entrance.
You search for a good place to hide.
There is a dumpster to the right of the entrance that could work.
There is a group of cardboard boxes on the left.

> You is there a hobo in the cardboard boxes?
You decide to hide in the cardboard boxes. You look through one to see if there is a hobo inside.
There is a hobo inside the box.

> You give the hobo some pocket change for a sandwich and tell him to scram.
The hobo thanks you and runs off.
You decide to hide in the dumpster. You think it would be better than hiding in the box with the hobo.

> You observe the entrance.
You hide in the dumpster and wait for someone to come.
The hours pass by and nobody comes. You go to get a drink of water.
After a few minutes you realize how thirsty you are.

> You use the crowbar on a vending machine to get a drink.
You use the crowbar to bust open a vending machine. You drink some water and then go back to hide in the dumpster.
There is an announcement over the intercom.

> You listen to the announcement.
The announcement says that the store will be closing early due to a police lockdown.
You realize that you don't have anything better to do, so you decide to go to the store and mess with the cops.

> You no, you want to mess with the Uwais, not the cops. Messing with the cops is for the weekend.
You go to the store.
There is a cop car blocking the entrance to the store.
You think, "I guess I'll just wait here until the cops leave."
You wait there for hours.

> You ask the cops about the Uwais.
There is a group of cops standing around talking. One of them notices you and walks over.
You think, "I bet he wants to know about the Uwais.

> You whats the deal with those Usais-Fckers?
You tell the cop everything you know. The cop doesn't seem all that interested in what you have to say.
The cop asks you for your name and address.

> You tell him you are the son of the Uwais. Can they escort you home?
The cop looks at you funny. He asks you for your name and address again.
You give him your real name and Apartment number.
The cop writes it down.

> You go back to the bulding of the Uwais.
You walk back to the building.
When you arrive at the entrance, you notice the Usaian man who had given you directions earlier.
You think, "Maybe he is a undercover cop."

> You wait for a good moment to smack him with your crowbar. Time to get some answers.
You decide to wait until he is not looking and smack him upside the head with your crowbar.
The man falls to the ground.
He looks at you and says, "I was sent here to help you."

> You then anwer your questions, you little dipsht.
You ask him questions like, "What are those usaians planning?" and "Why does the store have to close down?"
He tells you the usaians are planning to destroy the city.

> You ask: "Do you want to help me stop them bstards."
The man nods yes.

> You pull him up and pad his shoulders clean. you apologize.
The man says, "Don't worry about it."
He tells you the usaians will be coming, so you should go hide somewhere until they are gone.

> You hide in the dumpsters again.
You hide in the dumpsters again.
A man and a woman come out of the store.
The man sees you and smiles.
He walks over to you and crouches down to your level.

> You which man?
You look at the man and try to take a good look at him.
You notice he has a mustache and long hair. The woman is dressed very nice.

> You ask for some change and try to read him.
You tell him you lost your wallet.
He looks at you for a minute and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a crumpled bill and some coins.
He gives you some change.

> You thank him and ask for his name.
He tells you his name is John and asks you where you are from.
You tell him you are from the village of Joachim.
He nods and tells you he knows the place well.

> You ask him if his family name is Uwais.
He nods and smiles.
He tells you his father was named Uwais.
He says they were good friends.
He says his father would love to see you.

> You follow him to his father.
You follow him into the building.
You walk down a long hallway into a room at the end.
The old man is sitting in a chair reading a newspaper.

> You grin and light up the molotov cocktail.
The man looks up at you and smiles.
You think, "I brought him his son back to him."
You grab the Molotov cocktail from your bag and turn to the old man.

> You ask him for his lasts words.
The old man looks up at you.
He grins and says, "Thank you my friend."
You grin and think, "What kind of question is that?"

> You no more games, you throw the cocktail at him.
You walk over to the old man and throw the Molotov cocktail at him.
The old man screams as he sets aflame.

> You smash his office with your crowbar.
You walk over to the burning chair and swing your crowbar at it.
The burning wood splinters off of the chair and you manage to break it.

> You grab whatever computer-hardware there is for paydata.
You grab a USB flash drive off of the desk and put it into your pocket.
The room is filling up with smoke, but you can still see the old man thrashing about in his seat.

> You exit the building.
The smoke is getting thicker, so you decide to exit the building.
You look for the fire exit and open it up.

> You climb down and run through back-alleys.
The smoke is so thick you can barely see a thing.
You search for the usaians but they must have already escaped.

> You is there a difference between Uwais and Usaians?
It doesn't matter because they're both scum.
You ask the crowd, "Did you see where the usaians went?"
They tell you they saw them heading south on 6th Avenue.

> You run down the 6th Avenue.
You follow the directions and manage to lose them in the crowd.
You're home free.
You get a cab back to your apartment.
You live at a place called 667 Madison Avenue.

> You pet your dog and do some well earned drugs.
You pet your dog and snort a line of crystal-meth.
"Thanks for saving my life."
Your mom, sister and step-father enter the room.

> You ask "Hey, what's up?"
You wave at them as they look at you.
Your mother just shakes her head and your sister just smiles.
Your step-father walks over and hugs you.
"Thank you for being a man."

> You ask "Are you all a drug-hallucination? Am I still working in the drug factory of the Uwais?"
He laughs and tells you they are real.
"You just didn't know it because I am your father."
He says you are the last of the real Uwais.

> You ask: "Wait a minute. I am an Uwai, too?"
He tells you yes, you and he are the last of your tribe.

> You say: "Wow, that's a lot to take in. At least I saved the city."
He nods and tells you he was very proud of you.
Your mother comes in and hugs you.
"Thank you for saving the city, sweetie."

> You say: "There still are some open questions. But I will figure it out eventually."
Your mother looks at you and says you should go to bed, you've had a pretty long day.
"I love you."
"I love you, too."
You head upstairs and fall into bed.

Es ist alles auf Englisch. Die Zeilen, die mit ">" anfangen, sind mein Input, wobei das Spiel das immer zu einem "you..." Satz umgeformt hat. Der Rest ist vom Spiel generiert worden. Die Schimpfworte habe ich selber zensiert. Erst gegen Ende bin ich dazu übergegangen, direkte Rede in Anführungszeichen zu setzen.

Meine Erfahrung: Da ist viel Nonsense dabei (zum Beispiel die Zeile "Your choice:" gleich am Anfang, wo gar keine Wahl gestellt wird). Aber im großen und ganzen war es unterhaltsam.
Mein Highlight: Als ich den Computer nach dem Unterscheid von Uwais und Usais gefragt habe. Einerseits war ich neugierig, andererseits, wollte ich den Computer testen. Die Antwort hat mich zum lachen gebracht.

Wenn ihr auch mal AI Dungeon ausprobiert, würde es mich freuen, wenn ich mal eure Ergebnisse lesen darf.



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  • 17. Juli 2020, 18:09:32
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #1 am: 17. Juli 2020, 18:09:32 »

Hallo, ich hab nach deinem Input auch mal damit angefangen. Habe deine Stroy etwas überflogen und fand sie ganz witzig.

Toll, dass man so unkompliziert einfach loslegen kann. Habe Fantasy und Wizard gewählt.

Das Spiel bei mir ab der dritten Zeile  (dritte Aktion) aber leider schon keinen Sinn mehr gemacht. Fand es aber trotzdem unterhaltsam. Da ich ein totaler Neuling in Rollenspiele finde ich diese Art nicht so einschüchternd, weil ja nur ich und der Computer im Spiel sind.

Werde es sicher nochmals probieren, wenn ich am Wochenende noch ein bisschen mehr Zeit habe  ;D


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 18:36:11
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #2 am: 17. Juli 2020, 18:36:11 »

Ich hab Zombies und Überlebender gewählt. Gestartet bin ich mit einer Pistole und einem Rucksack und stand vor einer Apotheke. Im Rucksack befand sich etwas Munition und Apfelmus. In der Apotheke hat ein Angestellter mit einer schweren Kiste gerungen. Ich habe ihm aus meinem Rucksack ein Päckchen Apfelmus gegeben, worauf hin er mir 50 Schokoriegel gegeben hat. Beim Versuch, eine Tür zu öffnen, ist er zusammengebrochen. Ich habe ihn gefesselt und bin wieder raus auf die Straße, wo sich drei Schlurfer näherten. Ich sah mich nach einem Knüppel um, fand jedoch keinen. Weil das Textfenster auf meinem Smartphone immer nur zu sehen war, wenn ich die Tastatur verborgen habe, hatte ich keine Lust, so weiterzuspielen und schoss mir in den Kopf. Ich bin gestorben, hatte jedoch eine 75-prozentige Chance, zu überleben.
… do something right.


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 19:26:37
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #3 am: 17. Juli 2020, 19:26:37 »

Also ich war Krankenschwester und wurde von einem Arzt mit einer Waffe bedroht, sein Sohn braeuchte eine neue Leber. Dann sind wir gemeinsam Auto gefahren und er hat mich gezwungen jetzt bei Apple zu arbeiten. Lustig aber sehr sehr seltsam.  ;D

1984 was a warning, not an instruction manual!


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 19:46:02
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #4 am: 17. Juli 2020, 19:46:02 »

Ich war ein Zauberer auf der Suche nach einem mächtigen Artefakt. In einigen Ruinen habe ich einen Haufen von Goblin-Knochen gefunden. In der Ruine waren anscheinende auch Goblins, aber anscheinend tot und teilweise zerfetzt. Irgendwie hatte ich dann plötzlich eine Box in der Hand mit einer Statue. Ich habe die Statue gegen die Wand geschmettert und irgendwie hatte ich dann das "Birthday"-Ende erreicht und das Spiel war vorbei. Ähm...  ;D


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 19:48:09
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #5 am: 17. Juli 2020, 19:48:09 »

Ich war Überlebende der Apokalypse und auf der Suche nach Essen.
Erst hab ich einen anderen Überlebenden gefunden (festgebunden an einem Stuhl), dann schrie er mich in einer Sprache an, die ich nicht verstand und verweigerte etwas von mir anzunehmen (hey, ich wollte freundlich sein).
Dann hab ich Geräusche vom Dach gehört, da war aber nix. Der Überlebende unten sagte mir dann, es war ein Bär (ach!? auf einmal versteh ich ihn?).

Dann, auf der weiteren Suche nach Essbarem fand ich eine Höhle mit Kindern drinnen. Die haben mich zum Essen eingeladen und ich schlief ein.
Als ich aufwachte funzelte mir ein Mann mit einer Taschenlampe ins Gesicht. Er wollte mich, hat meine Eltern "genommen" (?) und erzählte mir irgendeine Lügengeschichte, das meine Ellis mich loswerden wollten und mich ihm versprochen hatten.

Ab da wurde es sehr abstrus. Heraus stellte sich, dass er ein Kultist war und mich zu anderen Kultisten führte, die grade Nackte am auspeitschen waren  ::)
Da hab ich dann abgebrochen .. das war mir zu doof  :D


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 21:02:16
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #6 am: 17. Juli 2020, 21:02:16 »

Ich war gefangen im Limbo...  ;D

The creature charges forward, smashing you into the ground and punching you in the stomach.

Immer wieder. Nach jeder Aktion von mir.


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  • 17. Juli 2020, 21:18:24
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #7 am: 17. Juli 2020, 21:18:24 »

Ein Tip ist, länger zu schreiben, was man selbst tut, dadurch bleiben die Antworten des Computers mehr auf der Spur.

Mein letzter Versuch:
The Dragon model is now available to premium users! Try out the most powerful AI we've ever used.

You are Malveda, a wizard living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a staff and a spellbook. You finish your long journey and finally arrive at the ruin you've been looking for. You have come here searching for a mystical spellbook of great power called the book of essence. You look around and see no signs of any other living beings save a few wandering skeletons and zombies.
"So, this must be the place..." You think to yourself as you walk around the ruin. Suddenly, you hear something...

> You cast a spell to destroy the skeletons in the area.
You concentrate for a moment and summon forth a lightning bolt to zap the nearest skeleton. It explodes into ash. You summon another to take its place, but this one you aim higher and set it alight.

> You try to find a defensible position in the ruin.
You run into the ruin and head down a corridor, away from the battle.
You hear the clacking of metal which can only mean that there is a group of armored zombies in front of you.

> You turn around a corner to avoid running into them.
You turn the corner and face a small army of undead warriors. You draw your sword and prepare for battle.

> You summon spirit guardians for protection, then attack the nearest enemy.
You summon a ghostly warrior to fight by your side.
The ghostly warrior stands faithfully by your side, defending you from the enemy's blows.

> You kill off the undead and proceed down the corridor.
You kill all those who stand in your way. Eventually, you reach a dead end. You turn around to face the rest of the corridor. There is nothing there... or is there?

> You try to spot the ghostly warrior.
You turn around to face the corridor. You search for your ghostly companion, but cannot see him. He must be behind you somewhere...

> You call out for him.
You call out for your ghostly warrior, but no response comes. Perhaps he's resting somewhere.
You hear a strange sound behind you...

> You turn around and prepare for defence.
You turn around to face the corridor. You draw your sword, preparing to defend yourself.
There is nothing there.
You keep looking around, but find nothing. Perhaps your mind is playing tricks on you.

> You cast a spell to locate the spellbook.
You search your memory for any clue as to where the book may be located. You remember that you saw several large iettes in one of the rooms. You turn to face said room and prepare to attack...

> You hope that the ghostly warrior will protect you.
You turn around and walk down the corridor, searching for the iette. Suddenly, you hear a twirl and a thump. You turn around to face your foe...
There is no one there. Your heart skips a beat as you look around, trying to spot your attacker. Suddenly, a large, hairy hand smashes into your face. You fall backwards, stunned.

> You become instinctively invisible.
You become invisible, but the creature still attacks. It smashes its fist into your face again and again, and soon crushes your skull.

> You cast a lot of healing spells on yourself.
You spend an inordinate amount of time casting healing spells on yourself. The wizard is still alive, and will be for quite some time.

> You follow the tracks of the attacker.
You look around for any trace of the attacker, but find nothing. You begin to worry that you may never know who it was, or what they wanted.
Soon, the wizard begins to feel very ill.

> You take a potion of greater restoration.
You take a potion of greater restoration. He'll be able to live another week at least.
Unfortunately, the potion also acts as a catalyst for your transformation into a vampire.

> You test whether being a vampire negates the use of magic.
You can use magic as you always could.

> You continue to look for the spellbook and for some blood.
You continue to hunt for the spellbook and for some blood. You hope that if you find the spellbook, you will also find an antidote for your condition.

> You proceed to the library.
You enter the library and proceed to search for the spellbook. You know it's in here somewhere, somewhere between all of those ancient tomes.

> You find the shelf with the oldest books, then read the spines on those.
You look through the books and find many of them to be too damaged to read. They must have been very old when they went up in flames.
The spines, however, are less damaged.

> You read the spines.
You look through the old books and find several that appear to be much more readable.
One in particular catches your eye.

> You pull it out and open it.
You open the book and start to read the faded writing inside.
It's a spell to animate an object.

> You memorize the spell, then cast it on a chair.
You concentrate, then animate the chair. You sit down and wait for something to happen...
It's not working. It's not working at all. You start to panic a bit.

> You read the spell again and figure out what went wrong.
The magic words are not the same as the ones you learned.
You go through the process again, and sure enough, the spell doesn't work. Now what?

> You put the book in the bag of holding and continue searching for the spellbook.
You put the book back and continue to search for the spellbook. It's in there some place...
You go through several false hopes until you feel your head starting to split open.

> You catch a rat to drink some blood.
You catch a rat and quickly drain it of blood. You'll wait for dawn to come, then travel back home and look through your notes there.

> You use the time till dawn to cast a spell to locate the spellbook.
You do just that. Your ability to concentrate and find the spellbook is proof that you've got what it takes to be a real wizard.
You walk outside and catch a glance of the full moon.

Es war überraschend, dass ich mich in einen Vampir verwandelt habe, aber im Rahmen des Abenteuers durchaus okay.

Storyteller: 79%Tactician: 75%Method Actor: 71%
Casual Gamer: 50%Power Gamer: 50%Specialist: 50%Butt-Kicker: 42%


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  • 20. Juli 2020, 18:46:35
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #8 am: 20. Juli 2020, 18:46:35 »

Habe jetzt noch ein paar andere Abenteuer ausprobiert, aber der Nonsense hat dann doch den Spass übertroffen. Ich denke, das Programm bekommt als Trainingsdaten einige andere Choice-Your-Own-Adenture-Texte aus den Genres (und vielleicht auch andere Fiktion) und ist deshalb doch recht beschränkt. Ich werde es mir in einem halben Jahr (also so über Weihnachten) anschauen, ob es bis dahin Fortschritte gibt.


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  • 20. Juli 2020, 19:43:15
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #9 am: 20. Juli 2020, 19:43:15 »

Als ich das letzte mal gespielt habe bin ich auf einen Raum voller abgetrennter Kinderköpfe gestoßen. Ich habs dann weggeklickt.


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  • 21. Juli 2020, 14:57:57
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #10 am: 21. Juli 2020, 14:57:57 »

Ich spiel das ja schon ne Weile immer mal wieder und wenn man die Sätze ordentlich schreibt und immer auf das eingeht, was zuvor gesagt wurde und dabei die Schlagwörter auch halbwegs wiederholt, dann kommt meistens sogar was brauchbares raus (was auch noch recht witzig ist). Hier ein Auszug vom Ende meines letzten Abenteuers: 

> You try to find out WHAT you are now.
You have the sudden realization that you are an Ethereal.
This is a very bad thing, as Ethereals are servants of the Nightmare Tyrant.

> You try to find out where to find the Nightmare Tyrant.
You realize that the Nightmare Tyrant has been controlling the world for centuries, and you've been his slave all this time.

> You feel betrayed by the world.
The Nightmare Tyrant doesn't want you to go quietly, and the thought of dying so close to freedom makes you mad.
You're tired of being weak, tired of not being able to do anything.

> You try to find some more spell books to gain more power.
You spend days searching through the ruins of the tower, but find nothing but broken objects and ruined books.
You curse the Nightmare Tyrant one more time, and leave the place to search elsewhere.

> You try to talk to other Ethereals to find out how to get more powerful.
You meet a few Ethereals, but most of them are unfriendly and say they have no time for your nonsense.

> You get grumpy and think that being an Ethereal really sucks.
You spend a week wandering, but your grumpiness gets worse. You don't talk to anyone, you don't make friends, and you get tired of being angry all the time.
You do see a strange green gem, which you take.

> You examine the strange green gem to find out if its powerful.
You hold the gem in your hand and concentrate on it, but nothing happens. You pocket the gem, get up, and leave the area to look for the Nightmare Tyrant once again.

> You continue your search for the Nightmare Tyrant.
You continue your search, but it's going slowly and you're getting tired.
You need to make some sort of progress or you might get discouraged and leave this forsaken forest forever.

> You try to summon the Nightmare Tyrant by yourself.
You concentrate on the Nightmare Tyrant for a long time, but nothing happens. You decide to give up and leave, but then a dark voice pierces your mind.

> You listen to what the dark voice says.
The Nightmare Tyrant says, "Why did you summon me? I have been very busy. In fact I am currently fighting the Forces of Good in the Elemental Plane of Water, how did you think I would help you?"

> You ask him to release you because being an Ethereal is not your lifestyle.
The Nightmare Tyrant laughs, and then tells you he can't do that. He then offers you a deal. He tells you that if you help him destroy the world, he will let you be free.

> You thank him for the deal but dont think its useful to be free when the world is destroyed.
He tells you, "When the world is destroyed you will still be ethereal. You will be able to live again in the void that remains."
You think about it for a while, and he's right.

> You agree to help the Nightmare Tyrant destroy the world.
The Nightmare Tyrant is glad you agreed, and he tells you he'll be contacting you soon with more details.
In the meantime you keep searching for other books.

> You keep on searching for books.
You search more ruins, and once again you find little else. The Nightmare Tyrant did a good job of destroying these places.
You travel for weeks and nothing happens.

> You wonder if he Nightmare Tyrant will ever contact you again.
You meet a few other ethereals that travel these woods, but they are unfriendly and go back to never speaking to you again.
A month passes and you still hear nothing from the Nightmare Tyrant.

> You know this all too well and curse about this stupid deal with the Nightmare Tyrant.
A year passes and you are getting desperate. The Nightmare Tyrant hasn't contacted you, and you have no way of knowing if he will ever again.

> You wonder if the Nightmare Tyrant has forgotten about you.
You travel to the only place you can think of that might have books and that's the City of Susmenthal.
You head towards the city, but it's strange.

> You enter the City of Susmenthal.
As you enter the city, everyone stares at you in awe. They whisper among themselves and point at you. Some even fear you and run away.
However, some come up to you and ask you questions.

> You listen to their questions.
They ask you questions about your life, your purpose in this world, and if you're a good or a bad person. They are fascinated by your black eyes and scars, which they ask about in great detail.

> You laugh because the People have obviously never seen a Mighty Ethereal before.
You wander through the city and find a nice looking library, which you enter.
Inside, you find many stacks of books.

> You read as many books as you can.
You read through several books, but nothing seems to help.
One book catches your eye, and you pick it up.
The book is titled, "The Silverberg Thesis."

> You read the book with the title "The Silverberg Thesis"
The book is a very long and detailed tome about magic theory. You skim read the first few pages before giving up.
It's just magical theory.

> You decide to write your own book to let everyone know that the Nightmare Tyrant is an a******.
You sit down at a table and start writing.
However, you hear someone whisper your name. You turn around to see who it is, and it's The Nightmare Tyrant.

> You greet him and tell him that you were just thinking of him.
He seems surprised and very happy to see you.
"I thought I had lost you, Eternal."

> You look grumpy and tell him that you waited for him to contact you for years.
"Really?" he seems shocked, "I'm glad to hear it. Anyway, I've been busy planning the destruction of the World."

> You do not believe a word he says. He has clearly ignored you for years.
He laughs heartily.

> You ask him whats his plan now.
"I'm not sure. I need to think about it."
He leaves you standing there and walks back to his palace, the Nightmare Tyrant.
You are fuming.

> You wonder what you shall do now.

Fazit: Was vom Nightmare Tyrant wollen ist irgendwie fast so schlimm wie zu versuchen einen Vertrag bei der Telefongesellschaft zu kündigen  ;D
This post was written using 100% recycled words.

"And it is possible that I am alone in an empty universe, speaking to no one, unaware that the world is held aloft merely by my delusions and my voice.
More on this story as it develops, I say, possibly only to myself"


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  • 25. Juli 2020, 13:36:21
Re: AI Dungeon
« Antwort #11 am: 25. Juli 2020, 13:36:21 »

Ich bin Sklavenhändlern begegnet und hab der örtlichen Wache davon erzählt:
They inform you that if they find out who the slavers are, they will be put to death, along with the slaves.

> You "Along with the slaves?" you ask shocked.
"Along with the slaves. If they are being held against their will, we cannot have them killed."


You think for a moment.

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